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Fire That Has Reached Our Homes

By Maheen

A cold morning... Birds singing... 19 years old girl waiting for bus outside of her home. Bus arrives... she takes her place... The journey to college starts...What next? Bus enters college parking? Students come out and rush towards assembly area to recite the National Anthem before they start their day? Yes itís a good start and in other words thatís what happens in every educational institution of Pakistan but that day something other than routine happened which changed my life.

My name is Narmeen Kamal. I am a teacher by profession. Itís really hard for me to manage with this profession while sitting on wheel chair... Wheel Chair? Girl, Bus & Wheel chair? Quite different combo. Letís go back into memories. Bus left my home & all of us (myfriends) were happy due to the last exam & telling each other about the future plans. A motorbike appeared. Two people with masks on their faces came near to our bus and opened fire. Driver tried a lot to run away the bus but it was late already. They threw a grenade in our bus and then..........!!!After 4 days when I opened my eyes I saw too many people around my bed. Looking upon them I was thinking I have seen them before....After sometime I realized they were my family members crying about what happened to me.

Fire has reached our homes

I was told that 8 girls passed away in that tragic incident, I was one of those who survived but lost my legs. When I saw towards my legs... everything around me started moving in a circle... It was really hard to believe that I am going to spend my whole life on a wheel chair. After some days I got discharged from hospital... came back to home & one night my sister told me that Tehreek.e.Talibaan has admitted on news channel about College Bus incident. I asked my dad if he went to police station to file an FIR about that, his face expressions were like an old man who is helpless. After that I started research about Tehreek.e.Talibaan. Who they are, why they do such attacks, why they donít want females to get formal education. The results were shocking. According to them (Talibaan) formal education for girls was prohibited in Islam & they vowed to carry such attacks in future.

Fire has reached our homes

Government of that time ended up criticizing that attack & after some days everybody forgot that something happened. As per their (Talibanís) words they did as they said. Many girls schools were blown up, many girlsí school busses were attacked & government kept on criticizing the incidents but did nothing practically to stop them. Life goes on & I compromised with my new life, completed my education & started teaching in a primary school for girls. It was really difficult to adjust but somehow I managed because I realized that government is doing nothing and common people cannot do anything. Whenever people demanded an action against them, Government officials started peace talks and as a result of that nothing happened because Talibaan is not just a group of people having weapons and killings innocents but a mindset adopted by our people.

Fire has reached our homes

It has become an ideology which is easy to accept as human nature accepts negativity quickly as compared to positivity. Youth of my country stood up against this ideology so as me and I started teaching the upcoming generation but what about the few number of people who joined hands with foreigners and became extremists (Talibaan). Can we negotiate with them? No we canít. Tailors will stich clothes for whole life because they only know to stich clothes & a killer will only kill. We have to deal with them in their language. I am not a War monger but I donít want any other girl to become disable like me.

By Maheen.
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